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Renaissance of Marriage Conference 2016

Oct 21-22 | Sydney, Australia

Be part of this exciting Catholic Marriage event for educators, couples and Catholic leaders.

More info: here

Conference 2010

The Renaissance of Marriage

Over 150 delegates attended and listened to internationally renowned speakers including Dr Gregory & Lisa Popcak, Ron & Kathy Feher, Byron & Francine Pirola, Bishop Peter Elliott, Jonathan Doyle, Bishop Julian Porteous and Br Damien Price.


Catholic Professional Roundtables

MRC hosts Roundtable discussions for Catholic professionals to facilitate innovative thinking and creative ideas in the marriage field.

2011 | Reconciliation and Couples on the Brink | Dr Bill Doherty

Drawing on his vast experience as a family therapist, Doherty hosted a lively discussion on strategies to assist couples on the brink of divorce.

Download Proceedings (PDF): Proceedings Doherty Roundtable

2010 | Catholic Marriage Counselling | Dr Gregory Popcak, Ray Reid, Peter Watt

With diverse experience in fields such as counselling, education, law, theology and church ministry, the group discussed the challenges and opportunities for Catholic institutions.

Download Proceedings (PDF): Catholic Marriage Counselling Roundtable Proceedings