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SmartLoving Marriage Seminar

The SmartLoving Seminar is a collaborative effort of a Team of couples including:

  • Host — usually, though not always, a couple, the Host is the driver and overall coordinator of the seminar. They generally book the venue, plan the promotion campaign, and coordinate the logics.
  • Hospitality team — who provide for the physical environment, food and physical needs of participants.
  • Prayer sponsors who support the seminar in prayer
  • Presenting Couples who present some of the talks as well as supporting the initiative more generally
  • Facilitating Couple who has sufficient experience to be responsible for the entire process of the seminar. They oversee the preparation of the Presenting couples, liaise with the Host Couple, brief the chaplain and handle any problems that may arise for participants on the seminar.

Couples may have more than one role – for example, usually everyone who is involved in any way, will also be a Prayer sponsor.

Seminar Host

The Seminar Host is like a conference convenor. They are the coordinator and manager of the promotion and practical logistics of the seminar. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Liaising with local parish, booking and managing the venue
  2. Developing and managing a promotion strategy for the seminar in the local area (parish, school and personal network) utilising existing Celebrate Love couples and other suitable networks
  3. Taking bookings and enquiries
  4. Coordinating the catering for the seminar
  5. Organising the prayer support for the couples
  6. Liaising with the Presenting Team/Facilitator and attending team meetings (either face-to-face or teleconference)

The Seminar Host does not have to do all of these tasks – most of them can be delegated.  For example:

  • Enquiries and bookings can be delegated to one couple/person or the MRC Office can take if the Host is not in a position to take phone calls during business hours.
  • Another couple/person make take on the Catering.
  • The Prayer can be delegated to another couple/person.
  • All available couples should be asked to participate in the promotion of the seminar which is the most important task in ensuring its success.

Host Resources


Prayer is an essential part of the seminar preparation and process. The team should pray before all meetings (face to face or teleconference) and each member is encouraged to make a specific prayer commitment. Eg: attending a regular weekday Mass together, saying the Angelus or Rosary daily for the seminar, fasting on Fridays etc.

Ideally, the host parish will also participate in the prayer campaign through the Intercessinary Prayers at  Sunday Masses



Prayer Resources


This is perhaps the most difficult part of hosting a SmartLoving Marriage Seminar so early, intensive efforts are advisable. Make sure that you take advantage of neighbouring schools and parishes, as well as other Christian churches and community groups.

Postcards advertising the weekend are provided at no charge and can be distributed freely to friends, organisations, business and even under the wipers of cars in the shopping centre carpark.

Promotion Resources


If you have a local ‘contact’ person to take enquiries or bookings (for those who are web shy), make sure you use a phone number and email on all promotional material. It is also important to be prepared with Enquiry forms so that you can collect crucial information to enable you to follow up at a later date. A person who takes the time to phone or email an enquiry is a valuable potential participant!

Registration Resources


Hospitality is a core value of all the MRC courses. In addition to making participants comfortable so that they can focus on the experience, a strong hospitality presence communicates the care and investment of the Church community in their marriage.

Whenever possible, involve the wider community in hospitality… a lot of couples will be unable (or unwilling) to attend the seminar, but often change their mind for the next time when they take a peek while dropping off a cake or a salad.

Catering Resources


The presenting team is comprised of one Facilitator couple and up to 3 additional presenting couples. These couples are trained by MRC and all talks are workshopped before being presented on a seminar. MRC considers this process crucial to the maintenance of a quality program.


Annual Review/Accreditation: here

More resources for presenters are available on the Presenter page (password required): here

Presenter Resources