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MRC trainers are available to parishes and organisations for training in our own programmes, or to run workshops on a range of topics. We have a number of topics available on DVD or mp3- click here to view our range.

Call us to discuss your training needs, or take advantage of one of our hosted training events below.

Upcoming events:

Please check the sidebar at right for upcoming training events,
or call our office on: +61 2 9319 6280


Designed to support and extend the formation of marriage educators, our inservice events include the opportunity to network and share a meal while learning new skills.

Some of our inservice workshops are recorded and available for purchase

Training Courses

1. SmartLoving Engage Mentor Training

For couples wanting to become Mentors to the engaged using MRC’s SmartLoving Engage curriculum, this one day (or four evening) training will introduce you to the course, prepare your first session and equip you to deal with the pastoral demands of being a mentor.
Attendees: The course may be attended by MRC mentors or by educators using the Teach Out of the Box version of the curriculum.
Cost: $0 – MRC team couples

$300 Independent educators, includes Mentor Starter Kit.
Dates and location: Training courses are scheduled regularly in high demand areas and offered on demand in other areas.  Send us your expression of interest

2. SmartLoving Marriage Seminar Training

For couples preparing to host or present a SmartLoving Marriage Seminar, this one day training covers an explanation of the seminar process, information on preparing talks, hosting details and promotional activities.
Attendees: The course is by invitation only from among participants of the seminar
Cost: none.
Dates and location: The course is run when there are sufficient numbers.