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Running a parish is a complex and stressful responsibility. There are many competing needs and just not enough time or personnel to cover them all.

At the Marriage Resource Centre (MRC), we believe that one of the most underutilised assets in parish evangelisation is the Vocation of Matrimony.

Every parish has tens, if not hundreds, of married couples in its congregation. These couples are a potent, but largely latent force for renewal in the parish and wider community.

When couples are empowered in their vocation, they become valuable assets for the mission of Church, joyfully carrying the Gospel message to others through the charisms of hospitality, unity and intimacy.

The MRC is dedicated to developing resources that equip couples to become the effective agents of evangelisation to which they are called. All our resources are grounded in the wisdom of the Church, particularly the Theology of the Body, and focus on teaching couples practical skills to improve their relationships to provide a comprehensive formation experience.

We offer a range of seminars and workshops as well as DIY resources and courses:

MRC Facilitated Events & Courses

  1. SmartLoving Engaged Delivered by MRC’s trained mentors, this multimedia, marriage preparation course is designed to equip engaged couples for Catholic marriage.  Read more: here
  2. SmartLoving Marriage a two day seminar for married couples presented by MRC team couples. Read more: here
  3. SmartLoving Workshops & Talks a series half day workshops and talks for couples presented by MRC team couples. Read more: here

‘Teach out of the Box’ Resources

  1. Engage – A multimedia, parish-based marriage preparation course. Delivered by couple mentors, this course allows every parish to offer its own marriage preparation.  Read more: here
  2. Theology of the Body Study Groupsall the materials you need to set up a study group in your parish. Read more: here
  3. Natural FertilityA Total Gift of Self is a multimedia series of resources that promote natural fertility methods to couples across the life cycle. Read more:  here
  4. SmartLoving @ Home – a multimedia series of freestanding topics for use by couple gathering groups, for parish events or by individual couples. Read more: here

Articles for Parish Leaders

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