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The Team

The team is comprised of Presenters, a Chaplain and the Hospitality Team. The Presenters are provided by MRC from our trained pool of team couples and will work with local parish leaders to prepare for the seminar. The Chaplain is ideally the parish priest, or another priest of the diocese. The Hospitality team is comprised of local parishioners and other MRC couples and is responsible for promoting the seminar and providing hospitality during the event.


A priest, usually the local parish priest, is also part of the team. His role is contained to a three hour commitment on Saturday afternoon when Reconciliation and Mass occur. Support materials are provided to assist the priest in his role.

The SmartLoving Marriage Seminar Team


The seminar is led by the Facilitating Couple and up to two Presenting Couples. Presenters are trained in a flexible programme which includes catechesis on the content, individual and couple formation, and specific skills such as presenting technique and pastoral care procedures. All presentations are workshopped by a Facilitator to ensure that the presenting couple has integrated the concepts into their life and can communicate the ideas clearly. Presenters are chosen from among previous participants after prayerful discernment by the Facilitating couple and MRC leadership.

The Hospitality Team

The powerhouse of every seminar is the Hospitality Team. Made up of SmartLoving couples and other parishioners, this team provides for the physical comfort of participants, including catering, accommodation, child-minding, and general errands. The Hospitality Team includes those who pray for the participants (usually each participant is sponsored in prayer by a SmartLoving ‘graduate’).

The Host Couple is the couple who coordinates all the different components and liaises between parish and MRC. They are usually parishioners who have already attended the SmartLoving Seminar and are enthusiastic about bringing it to their own parish. In some circumstances, this role may be filled by a religious or single.

Getting Started with SmartLoving Marriage

If you would like to have SmartLoving Marriage come to your parish you will need at least one couple who has experienced the seminar and is enthusiastic about bringing it to the parish. They will work with MRC to promote it to your parishioners and act as Host Couple on the seminar itself.

  1. Invite one or more couples to simply attend a SmartLoving Marriage seminar in another location. Debrief with the couples after the seminar and identify one who will take on the Host Couple role.
  2. The Host Couple can liaise with MRC to set a date and start promoting the seminar in the parish and to neighbouring parishes. MRC will help with brochures, posters, pulpit talk outlines and bulletin ads.
  3. Hold the seminar in your parish; MRC provides the presenters, and your SmartLoving couple(s) provides the hospitality. We’d like the parish priest to join us for as much of the seminar as he likes, but particularly between 4-7pm on the Saturday for Reconciliation and Mass.


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