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It’s a wonderful season packed to the brim with meaningful ceremonies that bring us to reflect on the mystery of God’s love. Yet we truck from ceremony to ceremony to family lunches, finally wrangling over-sugared and overtired children into bed with exhausted sighs of relief… Is it any wonder that the reverence and wonder of the week is often lost? Easter can also make us uncomfortable for another reason. In a feel-good culture we don’t like to acknowledge our sinfulness.

We’d rather believe that our weaknesses are acceptable. But this is the whole point of Christianity. Regardless as to how small, our sins are the reason Easter happened. Every. Single. Little. One. After 40 days of Spiritual discipline in Lent, Easter is the time to revel the radical love of Jesus who died to set us free. It’s an awe-inspiring mystery, the celebration lasts for 50 days on the Church calendar.

Marilyn Rodrigues, Francine Pirola & Kiara Pirola

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