SmartLoving Engaged is a six session multimedia course for couples preparing to marry in the Catholic Church. Designed as a couple to couple mentoring format, it is ideal for parishes who desire to prepare their couples for marriage within the parish. For dioceses and other organisations, the course has been successfully adapted to groups.

Each session includes a 20-25min DVD presented by Francine & Byron Pirola making the presentation of the course simple for mentor couples to run. The Mentor Guide provides step by step instructions and incorporates a copy of the participant workbook.

The Participant Workbook (two required for each couple) includes:

  • Full colour throughout
  • Couple activities for use in the session
  • Articles for further reading
  • Take Home and Extension Activities
  • Free Membership the Engaged Member Hub (access to session videos, additional material)
  • Feedback survey
  • Certificate for the priest presiding at the wedding

The Engage Couple Kit handouts are full colour handouts with summaries, supplementary reading material, couple activities and take home activities. These handouts are an essential aspect of the course and provide a ready resource for future reference.

Products in the Series

  • Participant Workbook: here
  • Mentor Guide: here
  • Mentor Guide – Spouse Copy: here
  • Mentor Guide – Upgrade from 2007: here


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