SmartLoving BreakThrough Facilitator

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Featuring the ‘Break Through’ short film (8mins), this resource is a complete resource for marriage educators and counsellors to use with participants with or without their spouse.  Addressing the difficult topic of arguments and emotional injuries in intimate relationships, this workshop is particularly helpful to those in troubled relationships, although spouses from diverse circumstances will find it valuable. Feedback from participants indicate it’s power as an effective intervention for couples in difficult marital situations.

Consisting of three parts, the workshop can also be run in one three hour workshop or three separate sessions.


Topics include:

  • Myths about arguments and relationships
  • Argument styles
  • Deconstructing arguments to understand how they start and how they escalate
  • Seven deadly habits – behaviours to avoid
  • Understanding emotions and the needs that drive our behaviour
  • Emotional injuries and forgiveness
  • Strategies for better loving including SmartLoving, gratitude, and prayer
  • SmartLoving’s TaNGo – a unique approach to diverting an argument before it escalates

The BreakThrough Facilitator Hub includes (now only available in digital format): 

  • Access to BreakThrough Online (participant version)
  • Powerpoint slides for running the workshop
  • Links to download (or live stream) session videos including the film Break Through – exploring forgiveness
  • Training Resources, including training videos
  • Templates for Promotional Material
  • Downloadable PDF for BreakThrough Participant Workbook with license to print copies for each participant
  • Artwork for printing Prayer for My Spouse cards

One year membership

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