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Innovation in Marriage Prep

By | May 10th, 2018|

The recent synods on the family articulated a call in the church to establish a Marriage Catechumenate. It’s a way of approaching marriage preparation as a period of formation that integrates many elements: catechesis

Mindfulness in Buddhism vs Catholism

By | April 27th, 2018|

Mindfulness will change your way of thinking, your brain, and your time. In short, it will change your life for the better. In this workshop, Dr Greg integrates the spiritual tradition of Abandonment to Divine

Tools and Fuels

By | April 13th, 2018|

What are the biggest problems faced by today’s Catholic teachers and principals? How can the Catholic teacher share the Church’s teachings on sexuality with young people, in a world that is so resistant to


National Marriage Conference 2018 

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