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A Few Good Men

Impact 2, Session 2, Jonathan Doyle HOW MANY OF OUR CURRENT SOCIAL PROBLEMS... including the attack on marriage, can be traced to back to a crisis in manhood, fatherhood

Pope Francis

Impact 2, Session 2, Prof Ron and Dr Mavis Pirola WHERE MIGHT HE BE TAKING US? Pope Francis is taking us on a ‘course correction’, by calling us to

"The Feminine Genius"

Workshop A, Karen Doyle BASED ON KAREN’S GENIUS OF WOMANHOOD... an exciting body of work that explores the profound teaching of St Pope John II on the vocation and

“An Honest Mess”

Impact Stream, Enrichment & Support, Peter Holmes BEING HUMBLE ENOUGH TO ASK FOR HELP WITH MY MARRIAGE All marriages go through challenging times. Yet shame and stigma can often