SmartLoving Fertility

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An online course that explores the basics of human fertility and the application of fertility awareness for family planning. Based on the Sympto-thermal method, the course includes printable charts and step-by-step instruction for those wishing to learn and apply the method. The course also includes couple activities so that husband and wife can explore their thoughts and emotions as they progress. A unique feature of SmartLoving Fertility is the 'Couple Check In' - a guided process to assist couples in discerning their pregnancy intention based on Humanae Vitae n10.

Principles of Nuptial Formation for Adolescents

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Ninety-three percent of Australian youth want to have children later in life.[1] This datum, coupled with the sobering divorce rates and

Dad’s, Daughters, and her Relationships with Men

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How Your Dad Determines Your Adult Relationships with Men Original Article: here Psychologists traditionally focus on the mother/child relationships and mostly ignore