A Fertile Heart: Giving and Receiving Creative Love

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A Fertile Heart is a faith inspired programme of study that offers schools, especially those with a strong Christian identity, a new way of approaching personal, social and moral development that invites teachers and pupils to explore together the big questions of life; — what does it means to be human; why does sexual difference matter and what lies at the heart of authentic personal dignity? The content reinforces universal values of personal development, growth in character, mutual respect, love and patience and thus compliments good Religious education as well as parochial catechesis of the young for the sacraments of initiation. It aims to contribute to the challenge laid before us by Pope Francis that there be an “Education in Hope” (Amoris Laetitia) within which a sound response to the need for wholesome sexuality education can take shape.

The Body Matters Program

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The Body Matters, based on St. John Paul’s life-affirming Theology of the Body (TOB), is a teaching tool intended to assist primary educators (parents) in forming their children, and to be inserted into already-existing curricula at Catholic schools and parish faith formation programs. In November 2015, TOBET’s Episcopal Advisory Board, led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, confirmed the need to create an original, inspiring, age-appropriate TOB program. Despite common misconceptions about TOB, The Body Matters is not a “birds-and-bees” centered program. Rather, its purpose is to form children in the faith and to combat the destructive messages they absorb from the culture. While not addressing these controversial issues directly, The Body Matters program, infused with St. John Paul’s theology, will restore the dignity of the human person and form families and their children in the truths of the Catholic faith, precisely through a deeper understanding of the human BODY


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CathFamily (Making the Home the Heart of the Church) is a database of free resources including prayers, rituals, crafts, recipes, and articles for use by parents and teachers to build a Catholic culture in the home and class room. It has a strong emphasis on relationships and the Theology of the Body informs its relationship resources. The eNews (free) is issued each week and indexes the relevant items for that week according to the church season.