A Holy Week Meditation on the Passion, Death & Resurrection Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Few of us have heard the Passion of the Lord presented as so many of the saints and mystics describe it – as the consummation of a marriage. Saint Augustine, for instance, describes the Cross as Christ’s marriage bed. And the Byzantine Church, in fact, calls Holy Week the “Week of the Bridegroom.” Saint John Paul II lamented how this spousal vision of the most important event in human history has been largely lost in the modern view of Christianity and he sought to reclaim it for the whole Church. In this presentation by Christopher West, we’re going to reverently pull back the veil and enter into what Pope Benedict XVI described as the “mad Eros” of Christ the Bridegroom loving his Bride, the Church, from the Cross.

While this meditation was recorded on a Good Friday, you are encouraged to watch and rewatch throughout the week to prepare for the Easter Triduum.

This meditation comes with notes that you can download below.

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