November 18, 2012, Centre for Emotion Focussed Practice, Read the full article: here


A loved one – it could be your spouse, partner, son or daughter, sibling, parent or your best friend – is struggling with an addiction and you are watching helplessly wondering what can be done. Providing addiction support as well as getting timely help for the person you care for is not an easy task. Nonetheless, addiction support is crucial and being supportive is the first step in your loved one’s rehabilitation. A person with substance abuse will have a greater chance for alcohol or drug rehab when he or she has someone to turn to.



Where to Look for Help?

Every drug rehab situation is unique; however, if you are considering providing addiction support, it is possible that you are looking for help yourself on how to deal with the task. If you don’t know much about drugs, alcohol, or other substance abuse, you don’t have to look too far. There are plenty of resources you can find on the Internet. You can start off with the Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous websites or even call their helplines. There are plenty of support groups online for families of substance abusers; they can guide you in dealing with your situation.