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The SmartLoving series honours and celebrates the unique strengths of both men and women, allowing each partner to freely and confidently engage with the material. Consisting of seminars, workshops, blogs and multimedia resources, the SmartLoving experience provides a flexible approach so that couples can choose from a suite of options according to their needs. SmartLoving draws on a wealth of research, theology and experience to provide a compelling and focused approach to building marriages.

Our courses and products are positive and solution-oriented, so that men and women feel encouraged and equipped to love their spouse in practical and intimate ways. The SmartLoving series helps participants emerge stronger, as a couple and as individuals. Innovative frameworks and liberating insights generate improved relational health and greater personal fulfillment. With tailored resources for dating, engaged, newlywed, established and empty-nester couples, SmartLovingsets couples up for success with practical strategies for emotional, sexual and spiritual happiness.

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No matter how easy it is to fall in love, staying in love requires attention and effort. Most people drift into love, marriage and family without a whole lot of conscious planning about the kind of relationship they want to have 5, 10, 20 years down the track.

Whether you are married, engaged or dating, it is never too late to be more intentional in your relationship!


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