Fr Jerry Browne & Stephen Conway
Fr Jerry Browne & Stephen ConwayRetrouvaille, South Africa

Fr Jerry Browne was ordained to the priesthood at All Hallows College, Dublin, Ireland, in June 1993. For the past 26 years, he has served as a priest in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In 2009 he participated in a Retrouvaille weekend as an observer while looking for practical ways to help couples who were experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Convinced of the value of the programme, Fr Jerry joined the Retrouvaille team and now regularly helps present the programme in various dioceses in South Africa. He currently serves on the International Board of Retrouvaille, along with Stephen and Sandra Conway from Durban, representing all countries outside the United States and Canada.

Stephen Conway is from Durban South Africa. Originally from Scotland born on the 4th April 1962. At the age of 10, his family – mom dad and two brothers emigrated to South Africa and he has made Durban his home. He has been married to his wife Sandra for 32 years and they have a daughter Heather who has just turned 31. They have a grandson Callum who has just turned 2 in July this year. He is an avid power walker and travel to many different parts of South Africa to participate in road races. Sandra and his daughter share this passion which allows them to go on many family trips. Sandra and Stephen also have a passion for a ministry called Retrouvaille – a programme for hurting couples. They are currently part of the international board for Retrouvaille which has allowed us to travel and meet people from different countries. They were invited to do a brief presentation at the Synod of Bishops in 2014 the highlight of which was meeting Pope Francis.