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Karen Doyle
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Renaissance of Marriage Talk:

Karen Doyle

Karen Doyle is a Registered Nurse and Family Life Educator, she has done post graduate study at the John Paul II Institute in Marriage and Family Studies and has served on the Executive Council for Natural Family Planning. Karen is the author of “The Genius Project”; a Catholic women’s DVD resource exploring John Paul II’s teaching on the value and dignity of womanhood as well as a number of books. She is a founding member of Sisterhood, a National Catholic women’s movement and hosts to the Sisterhood National Catholic women’s conference in Sydney. She is a regular speaker at the Young Men of God conference each year and her  heart is to help men and women deepen in their understanding of one another so as to build helathy and fuflling relationships.  Her latest interest has been to launch a Christian stationary line, Inspired by Grace. 

Jonathan and Karen are gifted communicators and authors, their passion and skills are in motivating and educating people to make great choices in life. They have a particular interest in relationships, the impact of pornography, leadership training and staff development and faith formation. In all they do they seek to present the material in a dynamic and cutting edge way. This desire, and their warm, down to earth personalities make them popular speakers at major events throughout Australia and overseas.

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