By Mrs. Karen Doyle
Sisterhood National Catholic Women’s Movement | Leader

1: Your Apostolate

For the past 14 years I have been involved in the Sisterhood, National Catholic Women’s Movement. Sisterhood provides a place of connection for women of all ages, stages and vocations. The main focus of Sisterhood is to support women in their faith, provide formation to women and a place where they can connect with other women of faith. We do this through the national women’s conference, local retreat days, resources and sisterhood connect groups.

2: Pandemic Impact

We were due to host our national Catholic women’s conference in march but this was cancelled 4 days out due to the lockdown restrictions. At this stage we still do not have a set date and it is looking unlikely that the conference will be able to go ahead this year, possibly next year also. The pandemic has also impacted our retreat days which run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

In response to these challenges we launched online sisterhood connect groups which ran once a fortnight during the pandemic. We also launched a podcast for Catholic women in Australia. We are currently working to host a national online Catholic women’s conference.

3: Priority Issues

1. How can we support Catholic women to continue to grow in their faith during this time?

4: Plenary Proposal

5: Signs of Hope

People returning to regular prayer and intercession.
Submitted by: Mrs. Karen Doyle
Sisterhood Women’s Movement|