Workshop C, Anne-Marie Goes


Have you ever had someone confide in you about their marital difficulties?
Research indicates that well before couples seek the assistance of a professional counsellor, they are talking with trusted family and friends.
Psychologist Anne-Marie Goes will outline simple strategies for you to deploy when you become an ‘Accidental Marriage Counsellor’.

The Accidental Counsellor Handout

Anne-Marie Goes- Workshop Handout

Effective strategies to support a friend’s marriage
1. Self-awareness – Am I responding as a rescuer, persecutor or victim? Step out of the ‘Drama Triangle’.

2. Listen – Listen with the intention of understanding by paraphrasing or restating.

3. Empathise – Think about how your friend may be feeling. Reflect back those feelings and empathize with their feelings, not their perspective.

4. Perspective – Ask questions that will help them see another person’s point of view, focus on solutions or strengths, identify and act in line with their values and/or briefly share your experience.

5. Practical Support – Consistently making time to listen, cook meals, babysit etc.

6. Referring on to professional support – A couple therapist that offers a controlled separation approach. Use these strategies to work on enhancing your own marriage and relationships, be a good role model!

Anne-Marie Goes
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