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Facilitator Kit

Includes exclusive content:

  • MS Powerpoint slide show with facilitator notes
  • Breakthrough – Forgiveness video (8 mins) Preview it: here
  • Participant Handouts (PDF)
  • as well as support files available on this page

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Print Materials

  • How to Run the BreakThrough Workshop: here
  • Feedback Survey: here
  • PMRC Marriage and Relationship Foundation – Donation form: here
  • Handouts – print your own using the file in your kit or order from the MRC shop: here


Music is an important tool for setting the tone and establishing a mood. Sometimes the music should be upbeat and optimistic, other times it should be reflective. We like to use contemporary Christian songs as they have a faith element without being too churchy. You can also use music very effectively to gather the room to attention without having to shout by simply increasing the volume. Here’s a suggested music program.

  1. On arrival: pleasant background music, contemporary love songs are good. Avoid breakup songs!
  2. Ready to Start Part I: Hope, Royal Taylor: here 
  3. Background Music for use during writing time: instrumental, easy listening music.
  4. Ready to Start Part II: Forgiveness, Matthew West: here
  5. Ready to Start Part III: Home, Phil Phillips: here
  6. End of Workshop: Hope Now, Addison Road: here


Training Video

Please note, this SL BreakThrough workshop presented by Byron & Francine Pirola was filmed using an early prototype of the workshop and some modifications have since been added.

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