A series of freestanding talks for couples across the life cycle.

These one and half hour talks are run by MRC’s trained presenters and include a presentation, couple reflection, group discussion and prayer. The talks can be flexibly tailored to specific groups, such as engaged couples, newlyweds or school parents, or delivered to a general couple audience. The talks are based on the SmartLoving @Home series and topics include:

  1. The Ambitious Couple | A discussion on the differences between expectations and ambition, encouraging couples to tap into the ambition that God has for their marriage.
  2. Commitment | Based on the research of Scott Stanley, this talk explores Constraint commitment and Dedicated commitment.
  3. Responsible Honesty | Exploring the definition of honesty in marriage and discussing the various expressions of dishonesty including inappropriate disclosure, emotional and sexual infidelity, pornography, virtual affairs.
  4. More topics added weekly… check back regularly!

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